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Bradfield 1649 -1654 /1665-
FOUNDER/ LEADER : 'Father Abraham' John Pordage.
Pordage, radical rector of Bradfield, kept open house or 'family communion'. Other members included; Diggers’ leader William Everard, Ranter Abeizer Coppe, vegetarian ascetic Roger Crab & Millenarian Tomas Tany. Pordage went on to set up the Phildelphians with Jane Leade.
GRID REF: SU 605724
REF Heavens Below p32/ World Turned Upside Down

The White Ladies 1912 -1921
Coldash, near Newbury
FOUNDER/ LEADER : Adela Curtis
Religious Order of Silence set up by the redoubtable Miss Curtis: Christian, vegetarian, tee-totaller, English patriot, pioneer of self sufficiency, healer, school teacher, economist and ecologist. organic farmer, vegetable gardener, fruit grower, bee-keeper, weaver, shoe-maker, clothing manufacturer, dietician, hygienist, sewage expert, publisher and book seller. In 1921 Miss Curtis, then aged 57 and in poor health relocated her little Christian commune to Burton Bradstock in Dorset.
GRID REF: SU511697
REF The Rustic Mystic of Burton Bradstock C.Rudd

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