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Iver Diggers Colony C1649-50?
Issued their own pamphlet, may have been behind the Light Shining in Buckinghamshire pamphlets. (See St George's Hill, Surrey for more details)
GRIDREF: Location Unknown
REF : World Turned Upside Down

Owenite Community. 1832
A four hundred acre estate inspected by the first Co-operative Congress as a possible site for a community.
GRID REF: Location Unknown Aylesbury
REF : The History of Co-operation.

Cholesbury Late 1840s
Possible allotment scheme mentioned in parliamentary enquiry into Chartist Land schemes.
GRID REF: SP 933070
REF : The Chartist land Company P58

Jordans 1919 -
Garden village development built by Quaker Trust. Brick cottages with Tudor detailing set around green designed by Fred Rowntree.
GRID REF: SU 975915
REF Villages of Vision

Pigotts 1928-40
Loose artists colony and farmstead. Centred initially around Eric Gill’s extended family. The colony survived after Gill’s death in 1940.
GRID REF: SU857982
REF: Eric Gill F.McCarthy/Utopian England

Kingston Community Farm 1939-45
3 acre smallholding set up by a group of pacifists from Kingston on Thames.
GRID REF:Rectory Farm.Charney Basset
REF: Andrew Rigby/D&D

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