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Newlyn Artists Colony 1883-C1914
Artists settled in Newlyn after a series of summer painting seasons. Some had been at the French artists colonies. Lived in lodgings and used fishermen’s huts as studios. An art school and gallery were set up. The artists ran an Amateur Dramatic Society and played an annual cricket match with the colony at St Ives.
GRID REF: SW463285
REF: Stanhope Forbes & the Newlyn School / The Good & Simple Life.

St Ives Artists Colony 1885 -
The best known of the English artists colonies. Originally known for its mainly foreign landscape painters. Was always more cosmopolitan than its sister colony at Newlyn. Enjoyed a renaissance when discovered by a new generation of modern artists in WW2, becoming home to Barbara Hepworth & Ben Nicholson. Still a magnet for the art world with the recent opening of the new Tate Gallery there.
GRID REF: SW515404
REF: Stanhope Forbes & the Newlyn School / The Good & Simple Life.

Lamorna Artists Colony C1890
Satellite of the Newlyn Artists Colony set up in a number of cottages in a small wooded valley by S.J. 'Lamorna' Birch and others of the 2nd generation of Newlyn artists.
GRID REF: SW449246
REF: Stanhope Forbes & the Newlyn School.

Tregerthen C1916
Cottages rented by D.H. Lawrence, his wife Frieda, John Middlton-Murry & Katherine Mansfield. Here they planned their utopia 'Ranamin' whilst being watched by detectives who thought they were German spies.
GRID REF: SW454385 Nr Zennor.
REF: Heavens Below

Pacifist Community C1939
Community of pacifists that grew from a single smallholding to a number of households farming 42 acres.
GRID REF: Nr Penzance.
REF: Utopian England.



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