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Ockbrook 1751/2 - Present
Moravian settlement consisting of ‘Choir’ houses, workshops, school and farm, chapel & burial ground set around an open green. Due to its central location was for a while the national co-ordinating point for the Moravian Church.
GRID REF: SK 426365
REF: Villages of Vision / www.moravian.org.uk

Totley Colony 1876 - 188?
13-acre farm purchased by Ruskin's St George’s Guild for a group of Sheffield workmen. Run initially as an allotment scheme, then as a land colony with around 12 members. There were numerous arguments and disagreement that finally sank the scheme. Still known as St George's Farm. Referred to variously, even by Ruskin himself, as Abbeyfield Allotments, Mickley Botanical Gardens & Totley Colony.
GRID REF: SK303801
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent Eng / Heavens Below/Designing Utopia.

Millthorpe 1883-?
7acre smallholding where socialist philosopher Edward Carpenter and his gay partner George Merrill kept open house whilst living the 'simple life'.
GRID REF: Bradway, between Sheffield and Chesterfield.
REF: My days and dreams. E.Carpenter.

Abbotsholme Guild of Handicrafts C1890
Short-lived country outpost of CR Ashbee's Guild of Handicrafts at the Abbotsholme progressive school.
GRID REF: NrAshbourne
REF: Back to the Land. Jan March. Quartet Books 1982

Radbourne co-operative farm C1894
Experiment in co-operative agriculture carried out by Bolton King, secretary to the Mansion House Ctte.
GRID REF: SK284360 Radbourne
REF: Heavens Below p325

Norton Colony 1896 - 1900
Simple life anarchist land colony inspired by Edward Carpenter. Ran a small market garden in the grounds of Norton Hall.
GRID REF: Location Unkown
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent Eng

The Settlement C1905
Women's University Settlement.
GRID REF: Church Lane Chesterfield
REF: Listed in Labour Annual 1905

Oxcroft 1935 - 82?
Land Settlement Association smallholding scheme. (See Chawston Beds.)
GRID REF: SK482734?(Nr Bolsover?)
REF: Colin Ward D&D 94/95


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