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Harmony Hall 1839 - 45
The official Owenite community sponsored by the Universal Community Society of Rational Religionists. Concieved on a grand scale it consisted of a series of farms around an impressive 3 storey communal house. The scheme was beset with problems almost from the start, the only sucesses being on the farming side. Much of the failure of the community must be blamed on Owen's mismanagement, despite attempts by others to save the project. The failure of Harmony Hall marked the end of Owenite socialism as a movement.
GRID REF: SU298304 East Tythersley
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent.Eng/Robert Owen & the Owenites in Britain & America. JFC Harrison.

Little Bentley 1845-6
FOUNDER/ LEADER : William Galpin / Isaac Ironside
Ex-General Secertary of the Owenite Rational Society William Galpin on the collapse of Harmony Hall set up a small community of 'sacred socialists' on an adjoining farm - where the mainly ex-Harmony Hall colonists lived a spartan vegetarian life.
GRID REF: SU298304
REF: Robert Owen & the Owenites in Britian & America. JFC Harrison.

New Forest Shakers1872 - 86
160 'Shakers' lived at New Forest Lodge. They were followers of Mrs Girling a female messiah. They were evicted from the Lodge in 1875 and moved to a farm at Tiptoe. New Forest Lodge is now a nursing home.
GRID REF: SZ274952 Vaggs Lane, Hordle
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent.Eng

‘Old House’ 1907
House given to the theosophists by Nan Ino Herbert to turn into the British version of the Theosophists community at Point Loma California. The site however was deemed unsuitable.Herbert Auberon sheltered & supported the New Forest Shakers.
GRID REF: New Forest
REF: Heavens Below p285

Sandy Balls 1919-34
FOUNDER/LEADER :Ernest Westlake
Estate on the northern edge of the New Forest bought as a base for the Code of Woodcraft Chivalry. Westlake & his family drew up a plan for a forest park stocked with the surviving fauna of the Old Stone Age. Annual folkmoots were held here until 1934 and Westlake is buried there in a replica Bronze Age burial mound.
GRID REF: SU169151
REF: The Triumph of the Moon.

Hugh's Settlement 1928 - 37?
120 acre experimental model settlement as prototype for other rural & overseas settlements. " Hugh's settlement builds its own houses; aims at community food production and industries....."
GRID REF: Quarley. Nr Andover.
REF : Community In Britian

Little Park 1935 - 82?
Land Settlement Association smallholding scheme. (See Chawston Beds.)
GRID REF: SU365457 Abbotts Ann
REF : Colin Ward D&D 94/95

Peace Service Community C1940
Wartime pacifist land settlement.
GRID REF: SU646349 Ropley
REF : Utopian England

Tristan Close 1961-2
Home of the Tristan Da Cunha Islanders during attempt to resettle them in this country following the volcanic eruption on the island.
GRID REF: SU 480012 Calshot
REF: Crisis in Utopia. P.Munch.


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