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Cox Hall Diggers Colony C1649
One of a series of 'other' Diggers colonies. (See St George's Hill, Surrey for more details)
GRID REF: Poss. NW of Dover or Cox Heath Nr Linton or Cock Hill Nr Maidstone or even Coggeshall, Essex.
REF: World Turned Upside down

The Red House C1860's
FOUNDER/LEADER: William Morris
Innovative early Arts & Crafts House designed by Phillip Webb for William Morris. Morris planned to establish a working community of artists at the house going as far as having Webb draw up designs for extending the house to a quadrangle so Burne Jones and his family could join. The house was sold when Morris moved to London.
GRID REF: SU874430
REF: Designing Utopia. M.H.Lang./ William Morris. F.MacCarthy

Cranbrook Colony 1853-1900
Small artists colony based around the artists homes at 2 Waterloo Terrace, 'the old studio', High St and a building known as the Willseley Hotel.
GRID REF: TQ776359
REF: Catalogue of the Cranbrook Colony Exhibition.Wolverhampton. 1977 A. Greg.

New & Later House of Israel 1875 - 1905
FOUNDER/LEADER: Clarissa Rogers & James White
Breakaway group from John Wroe's Christian Israelites. Known as the Jezreelites they set about building a great temple on Chatham Hill. The Temple was never completed and was demolished in 1961.
GRID REF: Nr Gillingham
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent.Eng p150

Women's Smallholding Colony C1906
Proposed smallhoding scheme for women put forward as and extension of the work of the Hollesley bay scheme and supported by Joseph fels. The project was blocked by the President of the Local Government Board.
GRID REF: TR055465 Wye
REF : Joseph Fels - His Life-work. Mary Fels. 1920 P77

Crayford Garden Village 1915
Built by Vickers to house munitions workers with a grant from the War Office. Designed by Gordon Allen.
GRID REF: TQ516754 Barns Cray
REF : Homes Fit For Heroes.

Durlocks 1919
FOUNDER/LEADER: Phillip Sassoon
Garden Suburb development
GRID REF: TR270565 Folkstone
REF: Villages of Vision.

British Legion Village C1923
Bungalows with verandas & Gardens - reminiscent of Chartist cottages.
GRID REF: Nr Maidstone
REF: Villages of Vision

Kemsley C1923
Model factory village built by Bowaters paper manufacturers.
GRID REF: TQ896657
REF: Villages of Vision


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