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Bosworth Diggers Colony C1650
One of a series of 'other' Diggers colonies. (See St George's Hill, Surrey for more details)
GRID REF: Location Unknown
REF :World Turned Upside down

Equity Shoes C1890's
Shoe co-operative made loans to members to build 60 houses - some built by a builders co-operative.
GRID REF: Location Unknown
REF: Building Communities

Leicester Tolstoyans 1899
Land society formed by 5 Tolstoyan vegetarians. They had half an acre in Braunstone and hoped to eventually live 'a communal life on the land'.
GRID REF: SK529032
REF: Heavens Below / Labour Annual 1900

Humberstone Garden Village 1902
96 houses built by members of the Anchor Boot and Shoe co-operative with money loaned by the co-op. Also shops, meeting and recreation room. Scheme was a Co-partnership. Still in existence today.
GRID REF: SK 634060
REF: Building Communities

Riverside 1914-18
Riverside village - experimental educational community - Hoare insisted that the children should do whatever seemed good to them. Gave talk to the Friends Guild of Teachers.
"I am not out to make good little citizens. I am out to make rebels."
GRID REF:MeltonMowbray? Lincolnshire?
REF:Heavens Below / The Hawkspur Experiment.

Elmsthorpe 1935 - 82?
Land Settlement Association smallholding scheme. (See Chawston Beds.)
GRID REF: SP462961
REF: Colin Ward D&D 94/95

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