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Enfield Diggers Colony C1650
One of a series of 'other' Diggers colonies. (See St George's Hill, Surrey for more details)
GRID REF: Location Unknown
REF :World Turned Upside down

Enfield Chase 1659
FOUNDER/LEADER: William Covell
Following riots sparked by enclosure of the Chase, Covell published a scheme for setting up collective farms. Digger influenced .
REF: World Turned Upside down/ Essex the Rebel.

Moreville Communitorium 1843
FOUNDER/LEADER: Goodwyn & Catherine Barmby
Shortlived community of the Communist Church at the Barmby’s house,
GRID REF: Hanwell
REF: Alt Com 19th Cent.Eng/ Eve & the New Jerusalem/Heavens Below.

Bedford Park 1880 -
Early planned suburb became known in retrospect as the ‘first’ garden suburb.
GRID REF: Chiswick

REF: Villages of Vision

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