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British Utopian Experiments 1325 - 1945

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New Utopian Stories

Glastonbury the First Time Posted Nov 2005
Peace, music & Arthurian romance 1920s style
Salvation Farm
Essex boys down on the farm
A Cloistered Life
'Nudist, sandal wearing, sex-maniacs' in leafy Hertfordshire
*New research - not contained in book *.
Digging for Ruskin in Bewdley

New Gazetteer Entries

Latest Discoveries - Utopian experiments 'discovered' since last update.

Broadway Artist Colony 1885 – late 1890s BroadwayWors ('Discovered' Oct .2006)
The Hilltop Writer Colony C1860 - 1914 Haslemere, Surrey.('Discovered' Oct 2006)
The Whi
te Ladies 1912 - 21 Berkshire - ('Discovered' Nov 2006)
Christian Contemplative Community
1921 -60 Dorset - ('Discovered' Nov 2006)
The Dorrellites Late 1790s USA - ('Discovered' Dec 2006)
Carterton C1894 Oxfordshire - ('Discovered' Dec 2006)

Previous Discoveries - Utopian experiments 'discovered' since publication

Mulberry Cottage 1994-1901 Wavertree ('Discovered' Nov .2005)
Guild of St George Smallholdings 1889 t0 Present. ('Discovered' Nov 2005)

Dringhoe Grange 1937 Driffield N.Yorks ('Discovered' Oct .2005)
Hitchin Community House C1937 Herts. ('Discovered' Oct 2005)
Community Fruit Service 1926 - 37? Somerset ('Discovered' Oct 2005)
Hugh's Settlement 1928 -37? Hampshire - ('Discovered' Oct 2005)
Handsworth Group - C1937 Birmingham - ('Discovered' Oct 2005)
Duncraig C1937 Scotland - ('Discovered' Oct 2005)

February House 1940 Brooklyn, USA ('Discovered' Jan.2005)
Barrowmore Village Settlement 1920 - 1940 Cheshire ('Discovered' Dec.2004)

Charlotta 1760's British East Florida, USA- ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Spennymoor Settlement 1930 - 1962 Durham ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Trebeferad Land Settlement1936 Glamorgan. Wales ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Fferm-Goch Land Settlement 1930s Glamorgan. Wales ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Pembroke Land Settlement 1930's West Wales ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Sealand Land Settlement 1930's NorthWales ('Discovered' Dec.2003)
Newport Land Settlement 1930's SouthWales ('Discovered' Dec.2003)

The Panacea Society 1920's Bedford - ('Discovered' Aug.2003)
Rachel Cottage 1918 Loughton Essex - ('Discovered' June.2003)
Bruce Road, Children 's House 1923 London - ('Discovered' June.2003)

Woodbine Cottage 1812 Lynmouth Devon ('Discovered' Feb 2003)
Ráth Cairn Gaeltacht 1935 County Meath Eire ('Discovered' Jan 2003)

Merville Garden Village C1950 Newtownabbey. N.Ireland ('Discovered' Nov.2002)
Romford Garden Suburb 1910/11 London Boro.of Havering ('Discovered' Nov.2002)
Pollokshields 'Garden Suburb' C1851 Glasgow,Scotland ('Discovered' Nov.2002)

April Farm Love Colony C1925 Allentown, Pennsylvania,USA. ('Discovered' July.2002)

Women's Smallholding Colony C1906 Wye, Kent. ('Discovered' May.2002)
The Household - Theosophical commune 1891-1896 Dublin, Ireland ('Discovered' May.2002)
Abbotsholme Guild of Handicrafts C1890 Derbyshire - ('Discovered' April.2002)

Cudwoth Smallholdings C1890s Surrey - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Isla Margarita Bruderhof 1941 Paraguay - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Chorltonville Garden Suburb 1911 Manchester - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Rhiwbina Garden Village - C1913 Cardiff, Wales - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Stocksbridge Garden Village C1900 Yorkshire - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
New Addington Garden Village 1934 - Croydon London - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Highley 'Garden Village' C1900 - Shropshire - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
The Childrens Garden Village 1920 Cheadle, Manchester - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)
Roe Green Garden Village 1918-20 Brent London - ('Discovered' Mar.2002)

Social Community Company 1832 Lancashire - ('Discovered' Feb.2002)
Tyldesley Co-operative Society 1838-40 Lancashire - ('Discovered' Feb.2002)
Manchester Central Committee 1839 Lancashire - ('Discovered' Feb.2002)
East London Branch 1 1839 London - ('Discovered' Feb.2002)
Social United Interest Colonization Society 1839 Birmingham - ('Discovered' Feb.2002)
Wainoni Federative Home. 1898 - 1905 New Zealand - ('Discovered' Nov.2001)



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