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Charterville (Minster Lovell) 1847 - 52
Third and largest of the Chartist estates. 300 acres divided into 80 smallholdings with model cottages. 40 oxen and 18 pigs were provided to the 'winners' of the plots, along with manure, firewood and seed. Area still known as Charterville allotments.
GRID REF: SP 314104 Minster Lovell.
REF: The Chartist Land Company

Waterside Cottages C1880s
Holiday cottages run by the Guild of Handicraft for its workers.
GRID REF:SU596963DraytonSt Leonard.
REF: The Simple Life. Fiona McCarthy

Community of the Resurrection 1882-87
Foundation of an Anglican monastic group by Charles Gore. Group later moved to Mirfield (Yorks.)
GRID REF: Pusey House. Oxford.
REF : Utopian England

Carterton1894 -
FOUNDER/LEADER: William Carter
A colony of smallholders founded by the philanthropist and entrepreneur William Carter. An attempt to draw industrial town-dwellers back to the land, and to make them self-sufficient. The land was divided into plots of 6 acres and sold for £20 an acre with bungalows costing from £120. Many of the settlers were retired soldiers and ‘refugees’ from the towns. Carterton soon made its name in the market gardening world. Black grapes from Frenchester Nurseries and the famous Carterton tomatoes were sold at Covent Garden Market. There are still a few of the original tin or asbestos settlers’ bungalows in the town. The village flourished, with a tin mission church and the first large building – The Emporium – being built in 1911 with an upstairs room for meetings and dances. The village expanded rapidly following the building of an Airfield in 1935.
REF: http://carterton-tc.gov.uk/

Garsington Manor 1915-1925
FOUNDER/LEADER: Ottoline Morrell
Artistic salon and wartime refuge for artistic COs,. including: D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Lytton Strachey, Bertrand Russell, Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton-Murry and Virginia Woolf among countless others.
GRID REF: SP586016
REF: Ottoline Morrell. M Seymour

Tylthrop House Agricultural Establishment 1939 - ?
Formed by Jewish refugees. Listed in the journal Community Life.
GRID REF: SP 745068 Kingsey
REF: Heavens Below

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