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Assington Hall 1829
Co-operative Farm.
GRID REF: Location Unknown
REF: Co-operation & Owenite Socialist Communities / The Land and the Labourers. C.W.Stubbs.1884

Church Army Colony 1882
Early smallholding scheme.
GRID REF: TM015783 Thelnetham.
REF: Heavens Below p324

Walberswick Artists Colony C1880
'Seaside' artists colony. Early residents inc: Charles Keene, Phillip Wilson Steer. Charles Rennie Mackintosh & his wife lived here(1914/15), they were forced to return to London suspected of espionage after letters were found in therr house from the Austrian Successionist painters.
GRID REF: TM494744
REF: The Good & Simple Life.

Hollesley Bay Colony 1904-11
1300 acre site of former Agricultural Training College acuired by Joseph Fels for the Central Unemployment Committee. The college could accommodate for 355 men. There were eight glasshouses and 200 acres of gardens, thirty cottages, four groups of farm buildings, an open-air swimming bath, workshops, a warehouse on the river front, a wharf and a tramway connecting the wharf to the farmers' gardens. 300 unemployed men worked there. George Lansbury, and others from Toynbee Hall used to come down at week-ends to organize classes and recreation. In the end the Local Government Board turned it back into a deterrent workhouse.
GRID REF: TM370449 Nr Felixstowe
REF: Heavens Below p378 http://www.suffolkhorse.com/information/1.html

Social Settlement C1905
Mens University Settlement house.
GRID REF: 133-35 Fore St. Ipswich
REF: Listed in Labour Annual 1905

Wisset Lodge C1914-18
Fruit farming scheme that took COs in WW1 - inc: Bloomsbury artists Duncan Grant & Vannesa Bell.
GRID REF: TM 366792
REF: Ottoline Morrell Biog.

Newbourne 1935-82?
Land Settlement Scheme to assist out-of-work miners.
GRID REF: TM 270249
REF: Villages of Vision/ Colin Ward D&D 94/95

Denham 1935 - 82?
Land Settlement Association smallholding scheme. (See Chawston Beds.)
GRID REF: TL 755615
REF : Colin Ward D&D 94/95

Thelnetham 1942-45
Run down Lodge Farm was bought as Murry’s last attempt at forming a community. Was a refuge for COs, but as a community was beholden to Murry who owned the property and was editor of Peace News at the time.
GRID REF: TM015783
REF: Villages of Vision/ Heavens Below / Community Farm.J.M.Murry 1952

Elmset Community 1939-45
Ambitious wartime venture in practical Christian based community based on 41 acre mixed farm. Aim was to “lay the foundations of a new order” whilst restoring buildings, running study groups, setting up a community library, holding peace Pledge Union meetings, sunday services and selling Peace News in Ipswich market each saturday. All decisions were made by consensus, links were made with neighbours and the local retail co-op. The group hoped that by example they could demonstrate “the soundness of community as a new order of voluntary and non-violent communism.”
GRID REF: TM059463 Nr Ipswich
REF: Andrew Rigby D&D / Heavens Below

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