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Foxham 1885-1901
Part of a multi-site smallholding scheme. Other schemes at Hay Farm (Essex), Cottenham(Camb) and for details see Lambourne(Camb).
GRID REF: ST977770
REF: Heavens Below

Ashton Keynes 1936 -1940
Bruderhof community set up on the 200 acre Ashton Fields Farm after the sect was forced to leave Europe by Nazi persecution. Grew to some 250 members attracting English followers. The group developed the farm, renovating buildings and cultivating the land; adding 103 adjoining acres in 1937 and running a successful mixed farm & large market garden. They also set up craft and publishing ventures. Following anti-German harrassment at the outset of the War they sold up and moved to Paraguay.
GRID REF: SU051937
REF: Utopian England/Bruderhof Museum

Oaksey 1938 - 1940
320 estate bought by the Bruderhof as their community at Ashton Keynes expanded. The purchase was referred to the Home Office when local landowners complained about the sale of land to Germans. The Home Office supported the Bruderhof, but following further harrasment the community decided to move to Parguay.
GRID REF: ST993935
REF: Utopian England/
Bruderhof Museum

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