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British Utopian Experiments 1325 - 1945

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Utopian Resources:

Recommended books - Source books for further utopian exploration

Utopian Websites - Other internet sources of info on utopian experiments.

Links to sites featuring historic utopian communities

Chenies Street Chambers Women's co-operative housekeeping scheme
Shelley's Hotel
Location of one of the poets communal experiments
Ráth Cairn Gaeltacht
Gaelic speaking communt. Eire
The Ralahine Commune - Clare Library History Page
Bruderhof Museum - Official Bruderhof History website
Brotherhood Church - Details of Christian Anarchists in Croydon
Hollesley Bay Colony - Farm Colony for the unemployed in Suffolk
Adelphi Centre - Socialist comunitarian 'training centre', Essex
Holton-cum-Beckering - Pacifist community. Lincolnshire

Utopian Studies
Utopia on the Internet - Links Site -
The Utopian Studies Society (Europe) -
The Society for Utopian Studies (USA) -
Utopia Pathway Association - association devoted to exploring the means and methods of making Utopia a reality -
Is Utopia Possible?-

Contemporary Utopian Experiments
Communities in the UK - Diggers & Dreamers: info on communal living in the UK and database of communities -
Communities in Europe - Eurotopia -
Communities in the USA -
Hockerton Sustainable community project - Eco hamlet. nr Newark UK . http://www.hockerton.demon.co.uk

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Other work by Chris Coates
Links to sites featuring other work by the author of Utopia Britannica:

CatandCoat - Art works by Chris and his partner Catrina Stamp; Artist-made books, painted coffins, lunar calendars..........

Welfare State International - Celebratory Arts Company. Chris worked on the award winning Lantern House project with the infamous Engineers of the Imagination.

More Music in Morecambe Project mangement of the recently completed refurbishment of the hothouse for community music project.

Walter Segal Self-Build Trust Charity promoting community self-build. Site features community building built by Chris Coates and Peter Wilshaw in Burnley.

Diggers and Dreamers Chris has been part of the editorial team of the Biannual directory and guide to communal living for the last 12 years.

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